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Thompson Comprehensive Breast Center, a department of Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center

Thompson Comprehensive Breast Center, a department of Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center, provides complete breast health services, including breast health education, screening, diagnostics and treatment planning.

The Breast Center is accredited by the American College of Radiology in mammography, stereotactic breast biopsy, breast ultrasound and ultrasound-guided breast biopsy, and is one of a select few breast centers in Tennessee to be awarded a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence designation.

The chief radiologist is fellowship-trained in women's imaging, and the Breast Center team includes a nurse breast health specialist, a mammography certified technologist and specially trained auxiliary staff.

  • Mammography

Thompson's certified technologists perform more than 13,000 mammograms each year using the latest in digital technology. Breast examinations include a mammogram, breast health counseling and a breast health exam by a nurse.

No physician referral is needed for an annual screening mammogram, and the procedure is covered by virtually all insurance companies. Call 865-541-1450 to schedule an appointment.

           October: Thompson is offering a "Mammo Party" on Tuesday, October 14. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we will stay open late to accommodate evening mammography
            appointments. CLICK HERE for details!

  • Breast Ultrasound

Breast ultrasound can provide
accurate images of breast nodules
to differentiate their cystic and
solid structures.

The Breast Center offers both
stereotactic-guided and ultrasound-
guided core biopsies. 

Breast ultrasound can provide accurate images of breast nodules to differentiate their cystic and solid structures.
Breast Ultrasound is used to assess breast lumps to identify solid and cystic components. Ultrasound is often used as an adjunct to mammography to more fully evaluate dense glandular and cystic breast tissue. Ultrasound can also be used to identify a specific breast mass for biopsy if indicated.

  • Core Biopsy

The Breast Center offers both stereotactic-guided and ultrasound-guided core biopsies.
Core Biopsy is a minimally invasive procedure which frequently eliminates the need for a surgical biopsy. Thompson Comprehensive Breast Center was the first area facility to offer stereotactic guided core biopsies in 1993. Using state of the art technology, we now offer stereotactic or ultrasound guidance for vacuum assisted needle biopsy. This simple outpatient biopsy requires only a local anesthetic. There is virtually no scarring or patient discomfort, women can return to their usual activities the next day, and the cost is about half that of a surgical biopsy.

  • Cyst Aspiration

Cyst Aspiration may reduce the waiting time for diagnosis in select patients.
Aspiration of a breast cyst is a minimally invasive diagnostic procedure for some women who present with a breast mass. Using ultrasound guidance and local anesthetic, a small needle is used to remove fluid from the cyst. This fluid can be sent for cytology if further evaluation is required.

  • Bone Densitometry

Bone density loss with aging.
Bone density decreases can occur as women age, and in response to other medical and biological events. Loss of bone density may indicate osteoporosis and an increase in fracture risk. Thompson Comprehensive Breast Center offers bone densitometry with state of the art technology and certified technologists. We perform hip, spine, forearm, or full body densitometry as medically indicated. We offer an appointment schedule which allows women to schedule both their mammogram and bone density study on the same visit.