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At Thompson Cancer Survival Center, we believe comprehensive cancer care should be available in the comfort of your own community. Our team of radiation therapy experts uses a multidisciplinary approach with the latest technology and treatment methods to develop a customized treatment plan for each patient. Thank you so much for allowing us to care for you.

Total Skin Electron Therapy

Thompson’s isocentrically-mounted electron linear accelerators are the latest advance in total skin electron therapy. This technology produces an even, full-body electron beam.

Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy

Thompson Cancer Survival Center was one of the first facilities in the world to treat patients with intensity modulated radiation therapy. IMRT delivers radiation beams precisely shaped to conform to the tumor from all angles, to maximize impact on the cancer while minimizing the effect on surrounding healthy tissue. Since 1998 more than 1,000 patients have received IMRT treatment at Thompson.

Now Thompson West has pioneered another advance in IMRT technology with the introduction of the country’s second Elekta Infinity linear accelerator. This next-generation digital radiation therapy system delivers precise dose control by using a CT image to locate the tumor exactly before each treatment. A significant reduction in radiation on tissue around the tumor means daily therapy is possible with this system. The Infinity also has Volume Modulated Arc Therapy and Image Guided Radiation Therapy capabilities.

High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy

Thompson at Methodist pioneered high-dose-rate brachytherapy in this area in 1998, and has done more than 700 lung and gynecological cancer procedures with this technology. The HDR brachytherapy team here is the most experienced in the area.

Thompson’s Downtown facility has the area’s first dedicated brachytherapy suite. The patient’s scan is made and all preparation for treatment is done right in the HDR brachytherapy suite. Since the patient doesn’t have to be transported from a separate CT room to the treatment area, the placement of the radioactive pellets is more precise. And with a dedicated suite, treatment can always be scheduled exactly when needed.

Thompson’s Downtown, West and Methodist facilities all have the capability to treat lung, breast and esophageal cancers with high-dose-rate brachytherapy.

Prostate Seed Implants

Thompson at Methodist uses palladium prostate seed technology to delivers maximum dosage to the cancer with minimum damage to surrounding tissue.

Thompson downtown has developed real-time technology in which the tumor is mapped with an ultrasound probe and seed placement planned in the operating room immediately before the implant procedure, to assure that seeds are planted based on the size, shape and location of the tumor at the time of the procedure. The radiation dose can evaluated during the procedure and adjustments can be made immediately.