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Click here for a recap of the successful Clinical Trials Symposium. 

First Annual Thompson Cancer Survival Center/Thompson Oncology Group Conference: 

Perspectives of Clinical Trials

Thompson Cancer Survival Center (TCSC) and Thompson Oncology Group (TOG) recognize the importance of clinical research and making it available for the communities we serve. Continuing education opportunities help clinical providers, patients, and the community stay current with developments and trials available and those on the horizon. This conference will provide research professionals, clinical providers, patients, and the community at large with an updated and enhanced understanding of oncology clinical research.

Beyond an overview of the fundamentals of working in oncology research, this program will also examine what makes oncology trials unique. Field experts including Medical Director of Thompson’s clinical research program, David Chism, MD, and keynote speaker from Vanderbilt, Doug Johnson, MD, will share updates as clinical professionals and a clinical trial participant and survivor of cancer, Diane Neely, will address the subject from the patient’s point of view.  

Participants will leave the conference better able to:

  • Discuss oncology research basics including cancer statistics, oncology terminology, development of cancer, understanding cancer diagnosis,  and staging and grading trends in oncology
  • Discuss current trends in oncology clinical research and identify how these trends are influencing oncology trials
  • Discuss the barriers and challenges of conducting oncology clinical research
  • Discuss the basic principles of clinical trial design
  • Discuss the use of personalized medicine and target therapies in oncology research
  • Discuss the research team’s responsibilities for conducting safe, ethical, and successful research.

Featured Speakers:

Keynote Speaker: Douglas Johnson, M.D., M.S.C.I.: Fundamentals and opportunities in oncology research.

5-22-2019 – Photos of Dr. Douglas B. Johnson MD, Prof of Medicine, Hematology/Oncology. (Vanderbilt University / Steve Green)

Dr. Johnson is a medical oncologist specializing in melanoma skin cancer. After receiving his MD from University of Alabama at Birmingham, he completed residency at Duke University followed by fellowship at Vanderbilt. He is also a graduate of the Master of Science in Clinical Investigation Program at Vanderbilt.

Dr. Johnson leads the melanoma clinical research program at Vanderbilt. His research interests cover a wide range of developing new immune and targeted therapies for melanoma, and in using existing treatments in the most effective ways. Specifically, he is exploring ways to profile cancers to predict which patients will benefit from immune therapies and has published numerous papers in this area. He is also focused on understanding the effectiveness of immune therapies in high-risk patients, including those with autoimmune disorders, advanced age, or organ dysfunction. He also leads the Vanderbilt Program for Optimizing Immuno-Oncology Therapies (V-POINT), a multidisciplinary center to study immune therapy toxicities. Dr. Johnson is the lead investigator on numerous clinical trials at Vanderbilt.


Other Presenters:

David Chism, MD, Medical Director of Clinical Research, Medical Oncologist and Hematologist at Thompson Cancer Survival Center: Diverse populations and clinical research.

David Chism, MD, Medical Director of Clinical Research, TCSC












Grant Clark, MD, Radiation Oncologist,  Thompson Cancer Survival Center: Radiation oncology strategies in clinical research. 

Grant Clark, MD, Radiation Oncologist Thompson Cancer Survival Center












Ana Wilson, DO, MS, Surgical Oncologist, Premier Surgical: De-escalating lymph node surgery with neoadjuvant trials for breast and melanoma.

Ana K. Wilson, DO, MS, Surgical Oncologist, Premier Surgical














Dianne Neely, Breast Cancer Survivor and Clinical Trial Participant

Diane Neely, Breast Cancer Survivor and Clinical Trial Participant











Susie Owenby, RN, CCRP, System Director of Research: Welcome and opening remarks.

Susie Owenby, RN, CCRP, Covenant Health System, System Director of Research