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Volunteer Services

Volunteers play an important and valued role at Thompson Cancer Survival Center, and their generous gift of time and talent that is invaluable to us and Thompson patients. As volunteers, adults 18 years of age and older have the opportunity to interact with patients and their family members or friends, provide clerical or administrative support, or to assist staff members in other ways that reinforce Thompson Cancer Survival Center’s mission of delivering excellent patient care.

Volunteers address countless needs within TCSC such as providing information and support to patients and families, performing various clerical duties, and assisting with special events and fundraising activities. Assignments may exist in clinical and non-clinical locations throughout TCSC, including Medical Oncology and Radiation Oncology, Breast Center, Cancer Outreach Services, Fellowship Center, lnformation Desk, George Bruce Nichols Patient Resource Center, Foundation and other areas. The scope of potential assignments is unlimited.

Our hope is that your volunteer efforts will enhance patient satisfaction, while producing a well-deserved feeling of personal fulfillment. We believe that your life will be enriched through volunteer service.

TCSC Volunteer Positions

  • Breast Center Volunteer
  • Clinical Trials Volunteer
  • Comfort Care Basket Ministry Volunteer
  • Front Office Volunteer (radiation and medical oncology)
  • Nurse Assistance Volunteer (radiation and medical oncology)
  • Patient Assistance Volunteer II (radiation and medical oncology)
  • Patient Assistance Volunteer – Infusion
  • Patient Resource Library Volunteer
  • Genetics Clinic Volunteer
  • Cancer Outreach Volunteer
  • Foundation/Fundraising Volunteer

Program Requirements

To become a TCSC volunteer, individuals must have completed the following and meet the criteria listed below:

  • Completed online application and initial interview with Volunteer Coordinator
  • Reference and background check approved and cleared
  • PPD test for tuberculosis – Employee Health (at no charge)
  • Commitment of 100 hours of volunteer service within a 12 month period of time
  • Departmental interview
  • Specific, safety and departmental training also orientation and integrity compliance training
  • Compliance with uniform and dress standards
  • Punctual and consistent attendance, accomplishing minimum service requirements


Volunteers are required to attend an orientation and yearly integrity compliance training prior to beginning their volunteer service.

Tuberculin Skin Test

Volunteers are required to have a tuberculin skin test when they start volunteering and yearly thereafter. This is provided free of charge through Employee Health.


Parking costs will be paid by TCSC for parking in the TCSC parking garage adjoining the facility. Volunteers and employees are required to park on the 5th and 6th levels to ensure ample spaces for TCSC and FSR patients. A parking stamp is available from your supervisor in the department you are working or from Volunteer Services. Please do NOT park in any parking space marked PATIENT ONLY!

Reporting of Daily Activities

When volunteering at TCSC, each volunteer is required to sign-in and sign-out and complete time cards for their services provided. Sign-in sheets and time cards are located in the volunteer area. Time cards are used to calculate the volunteer hours served by each individual volunteer and the group as a whole. Volunteer hours are very precious and we appreciate your attention to these details.

If you are a student volunteer, you must have worked 48 hours before we will document our time or give you a recommendation. It is imperative that you keep accurate time cards.

Dress code

  • All volunteers must follow the TCSC Employee Dress Code. In addition volunteers should also observe the volunteer uniform requirements:
  • A name badge will be provided to each volunteer and shall be worn either on the lapel or on a suitable lanyard.
  • All clothing shall be neat in appearance
  • A volunteer vest/smock will be provided and should be worn while volunteering

The following articles of clothing shall NOT be worn:

  • Jeans/denim of any kind are deemed inappropriate
  • Cut-off shorts
  • T-shirts
  • Old or worn tennis shoes
  • Skirts, dresses, or walking shorts above the knees without hosiery
  • Leggings with long shirts or T-shirts


If you are sick, please call-in as soon as possible in order that your area can be notified of your absence.

In case of emergency:
If you are involved in an injury while volunteering at TCSC:
Seek medical care immediately
Contact the Volunteer Coordinator to complete an accident report

If you are a witness to an injury while volunteering at TCSC:
Locate a nurse or doctor on the floor to assist or the nearest staff person
Do NOT attempt to assist an injured person, but DO call for immediate staff support.